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V and Co: the tale of tiny hexagons and english paper piecing.


 our summer vacation is halfway done. actually more than that. we go back to school in middle of august much to the children and my sadness.

my summer vacations growing up didnt end till labor day.

anyone else out there like that? what ever happened to having summer during the summer? hmm.

one thing i am excited about summer ending is that i get to have more scheduled time with my sewing machine. but for now we continue with and enjoy our summer

i’ve mentioned before that normally i don’t go places with out having something to work on.

most of the time i will either get my checkbook balanced, or work on some kind of binding (when i have something to bind that is!) but one of my favorites is appliqué and english paper piecing hexagon work.

 this summer i wanted to make some tiny little hexagons.

i started with even smaller than these shown

these measure 7/8″ and 1″ across

when i started the smaller ones, i quickly figured out they were going to be a little frustrating to the point of wanting to throw them across the room and swear in my head like a drunken sailor, which in my book is still bad…so i went with a little larger hexagons and adapted a few little hints here and there on how to have great looking small hexagons and help me with my not swearing like a drunken sailor, even in my head.

these babies have traveled with me and i have worked on them at gymnastics, in the car line waiting for orchestra to get out, waiting to have reading camp get out, waiting to have band get out, and of course the pool. 

on wednesday i’ll do step by step hints and how tos from start to finish on these little guys. (which you can also incorporate into your larger hexagon work)

i’m slow to blog these days. as you can see even my pictures here are from my instagram feed. but i promise to keep blogging, even if it’s just to update that i’m still planning to blog. 🙂

a great day. we’ll talk soon.