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hi there. 🙂 so glad you like the new line. i like it too. :]

i have a few minutes today to breathe because my quilts aren’t back from quilters and pretty much most of what i can do up to this point is done for the deadlines.

i wanted to show off a few of the lovely pictures that have been sent my way or that i’ve seen around the web. this lovely + quilt is made in simply color by candace over at made with love she made it for her husband. very lovely indeed!!

 i keep getting lots of cute little emails from all over the world saying “hey!!!! i have simply color in my neck of the woods!” and “off the beaten path i found your fabric at this cute little quilt shop!” one in particular is this insanely cute shop in GERMANY:

meet Grete’s little shop in, as she describes: the middle of nowhere Germany. 

this adorable little shop that was originally a chicken coop before it became her quilt shop.

and then she sent me the pictures of simply color that had just gotten there at the beginning of the month to her shop.

personally i want to get some adirondack chairs and camp out on her little patio reading a book and hand binding quilts. man i wish i could have her come over here and make my yard look like that. oops. okay i got off the subject! okay well check out her blog here oh my! and check out her dresden plate in simply color here too!

we’ve emailed a couple of times and she just told me that she has been getting so many emails and  orders from all over germany, switzerland, austria, and italy.

0_o well.

that makes me super happy!!!

oh and pssst: she just told me she wants the full next line as well. so all you europeans sending me emails and asking where to get it: check her out 

thank you Grete for sending me pictures!!  and your fun emails :]

next simply color love:  we have this lovely quilt made by samantha of making life prettier using alison of cluck cluck sew‘s pattern and my simply color layer cakes.

samantha did an excellent job! loooove it and i may need to make one this summer.  🙂

quilt standing

then we have little miss anna of noodlehead. love anna, and love this quilt. :] anna knows my address and i constantly remind her that she has it and is welcome to send me any of her uber cute stuff she makes including her two adorable (should be my daughter’s best friends) daughters.


another super fun simply color project with just the ombre solids is this beauty by the blue chair called ombre lattice 🙂 very lovely!

ooooh but you guys have been working on your V and Co patterns as well! check out some of the latest put up on flicker!:


sha sha sha la rue’s “hanging the wash” barn dance baby quilt is so SO cute, love the little gal in the center of the star, and also LOVE the little bit of POP of orange in her binding. very pretty.

oh and all of you keep loving that houndstooth quilt:

Houndstooth quilt for my BFF

this one is marked as “for my BFF” by daisy spirits

and this one by leslie unfinished has got to be one of my faves with the pop of lime green. nicely done and love the way you set up the blocks!

Plaid Houndstooth Quilt

and this one by lindsay szechenyi is one that i love with print fabric. i want to make one with prints next i think.

Houndstooth Quilt Top

you guys are starting to show off your chelsea bags too!:

Summer Bag

love this one where you can see the texture perfectly! good job missy b 3!

and last but not least for this time around of show and tell:

note’s of sincerity‘s hopschotch quilt top:

hopscotch quilt top.

trish’s color combos make me happy. she makes me happy too. she is so super sweet as is her color combos.

and well now back to doing my thing of catching up on the computer and BLOGGING holy moses i’m behind on that! i still need to tell you about my clark griswold sledding adventures. maybe tomorrow i’ll get that up on the blog. :]

till next time!

we’ll talk soon.

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