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V and Co: still alive


hello! yes, i’m here. 


you wanna hear about market??

yeah i know. 

i want to write about market. i really do. and i have actually placed most pictures in a post (ahem all taken on a phone… i know i suck)…i just have to write the words. and tell the stories…so bear with me it’s coming. 🙂

being home for a week after market and finally clawing out of luggage, emails, and followups…i’ve been able to also have one full week of just alone time with my mom.

 i don’t know if it’s the spring allergies or if it’s the travel and stress, or a combination of the two that always seem to bring on sinus infections and illnesses at this time of year…but thankfully this year i only hit a few run down days prior and after market.

my mom was here to help so i’m sure that was part of the speedy recovery. 🙂

we had a great time walking the trails here in my neck of the woods in eastern iowa, and then i remembered growing up i was always either on a bike or trying to catch up with my mom’s super speed in walking. man, her little legs flail as if independent from her body and i just had to buckle down and try to keep up this time around as well. i have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing thing as my mom and i both choose walking as our form of exercise/stress release. it was great to have her here and we were all sad to say goodbye to her this last weekend.

in other exciting news…this little 6 year old did her first almost completely independent sewing.

i placed my sewing machine on it’s slowest speed, and gave her the borders for a block she wanted to make into a pillow.

she did pretty darn good.

i’ll show more on her block AND pillow here soon.

i think this was the highlight of my year thus far.

okay off to sew a few final things before summer vacation officially begins tomorrow at our house.

ahhhhhhh! i mean YAAAAAAY i get to have my kids around 24/7!

can’t wait for the first time i get asked a question while i’m on the toilet.

we’ll talk soon.