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V and Co: why yes…i’m still sewing.


 well, this week… wait…no, last week and this week have flown by in super hyper drive sonic speed. yep, couldnt decide which one, either way it was fast moving.

and why yes, i am still working on things for market. thanks for asking.

the kids had a day off on monday and we went to the lake… so i could bind a quilt in peace and not have to deal with the “mom, can i play video games?mom can i play with a friend?mom can a friend come over?mom can we do something?mom can i drive you insanely nuts by 9:30 in the morning?” bit. while they played in the sand and yes, even got in the water, i got to sit and bind a quilt, drink a diet dr pepper, and talk and laugh with a friend. i know i would hate me too. it really was such a gorgeous day. and if that were my life every day i would not write about it because i would feel like i was rubbing it in your face, which lets be honest, you wouldnt like that and i’m not that type of girl. no, but because you guys know the life i live (of surviving in a house of amateur comedians of all ages, and finding myself in horrific situations) when i get a moment of utter bliss like this, you and i both feel like “yeah, lady. you totally deserve that.”

it’s really what keeps me going you know.

 iowa has had some pretty crazy weather. it’s been drastic. no ease into spring then into summer.

it’s crazy that last week they were talking snow…which we didn’t get but just got a lot of cold rainy days…but i know minnesota totally got snow and in some places still has snow on the ground. and now here we are in the high 70’s. no complaints about the change we’ve seen, i like it i live for the heat, and hello we havn’t had the humidity yet so yes:

the weather is gorgeous. wish it could stay like this FOR.EV.ER. and i will enjoy every minute i can!

 this last week i played with new ideas for future patterns.

and i had fun playing with both lines together and appliquéing.

more to come on this. but for now i continue to sew. 🙂 and sneaking out every once in a while to get some of the yummy weather.

we’ll talk soon!

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