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V and Co: feeling valentine-y


i don’t know what it is this year (okay starting like last summer) but i am like loving decorating for the holidays. oh i don’t go too over the top, but i do want to make cute heart things and i love my heart plates i got at walmart last year for a dollar a pop.

and who can forget the adorable ombre bowls at target last year too?

i can’t wait to make a little garland or something for the fireplace. maybe its that i’m finally feeling settled. 

nope, my house really isn’t fully decorated (working on it slowly!). nope my house isn’t fully organized yet (working on it slowly!) 

but for some reason i really want to at least acknowledge the holidays with a little here and there of decor or crafts or something. 

so i’ve been playing with these lovely embroidery floss by sublime stitching  cause who doesnt love cute names for embroidery floss and all the cool color packages they have. 🙂 having fun with it! 

i’ll post pictures when it’s done hopefully by friday. (don’t hold your breath maybe monday. but i’ll shoot for friday!) then i’ll give you guys a small tute on whatever it is i did. i mean if you can handle the cuteness that is 🙂 oh and i’ve not forgotten that on facebook i got a lot of requests in showing how to use a zipper foot. sure! it’s not that scary when you have the right tools (aka zipper foot and fusible tape and instructions!) 

okay peace out. or heart out. i’ll continue to work on this little project and show you soon! yay for the holiday spirit!