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V and Co: simply style new patterns spring 2013


sometimes my husband comes home at night and says “your blog is really quiet…how am i supposed to know what’s going on?” to which i give him a nasty look to his smirk. we talk every night. he knows what’s going on. but it does shed light that i do a lot of “stuff” that doesn’t make it onto the blog these days and often it looks like i sit in a warm cozy chair under a quilt sipping hot chocolate reading a book and then every once in a while i sew and show you how to make something…

as much as i don’t think i would be happy being THAT relaxed…i do love posts like this where i can show off some of the crap i’ve been up to. and now those around me can actually see in pictures really that i wasn’t lying and that i do really work from home so please excuse when i answer the door at noon in my pjs with string hanging from places string should not hang from.

i feel like this winter has passed me by (and i am SO OKAY with that) because for the past 4 or 5 weeks i’ve been holed up in my basement listening to talk radio, pandora, and some chic flicks on netflix, all the while sewing, and sewing, and sewing, and then sewing some more. unpicking when there are mistakes to figure out…and then sewing again.

but it is all worth it because i love it.

i truly and honestly love doing what i do.

 enough about me and lets show you all the stuff i’ve been doing to cause me to shed thread like a dog sheds hair in the spring.

i’d like to introduce the patterns that will go with my simply style collection with moda fabrics:

this line much like my first has a great array of color, ombre, and tone on tone. it was really fun to come up with patterns for this line 🙂

here’s the first, bubbles:

i wanted a pattern that showed off the ombre fabric in the line. i’m really having a lot of fun thinking up ideas for ombre fabric and this time i used it to create these awesome diamond-y looking bubbles. the only ombre not used in the line for this pattern was the eggplant. but no worries i’ll work something out with just that…maybe this summer. 🙂

originally i was just going to make the large twin size but you know me and baby sized quilts…i kind of freaking love them…so i made a baby version as well.

the large version is 68″ x 80″

ideally this is a great boy quilt but if you add pink in place of any of those colors it would make an awesome modern looking girl quilt as well.

baby quilt is 34″ x 40″ finished

trust me there’s a whole slew of patterns coming your way using my ombre fabric. i really can’t do them fast enough! but i’ll pace myself starting with this one first. 🙂

the sizes:

baby quilt size 34″ x 40″

large quilt size 68″ x 80″

bubbles is available in PDF and in PAPER

up next we have kaleidoscope:

 this quilt was created to show off the whole line. it uses every fabric in the line and the binding is scraps of the left over fabric from the blocks.

this is a great pattern to use a whole line with, it doesn’t get overwhelming because of all the background separating all the different colors. that’s kind of how i roll, i like to see each fabric so i separate them with background fabric.

it’s a large quilt it is 86″ x 90″ finished and super lovely to snuggle under on a couch or when the weather gets better, to take on a picnic… this quilt has a great airy feel to it that will make you so happy especially with all the color you get to look at!


quilt size 86″ x 90″ finished

quilted by felicia graves

kaleidoscope is available in PDF and PAPER

now next on the list is something every sewer needs.

my color block zipper pouches:

who doesn’t love little zippered pouches? when i was looking for fabric to go with this pattern i immediately thought the large flowers in my line would go perfectly of course you could always use any of the other fabrics, but the matching of the flowers i think is perfect. i also would love to make a few beach hats out of these fabrics! i think i will.

i give instructions for the three sizes. the smallest one can carry all your simply color aurifil thread and cute embroidery scissors, and the best part about it is that if fits perfectly into you largest pouch. that middle one can be used to house all your appliqué stuff or your finished hexies. that large one? well just stuff it with all the other crap that goes with sewing on the go.

i love my color block pouches. line it up with some plastic coated fabric…and you have yourself an adorable set of makeup pouches.

(by the way side note: i have to give a shout out to my photographer…my 11 year old. he takes great pictures when i tell him i need him to take silly pictures of me holding my projects. he’s been taking pictures of me “holding all sorts of bags” for about 4 years now. yup. he started when he was 7.)


large pouch: 9 1/2″ x 7″finished

medium pouch: 8 1/2″ x 5″ finished

small pouch: 7 1/2″ x 3″ finished

color pouch is available in PDF and in PAPER.

next on the list…

introducing the hampton weekend bag:

now next on the list is a bag. i always seem to have a soft spot for bags. i like really like them. 🙂

this little lady was in my head the minute i knew my ombre chevrons were going to be part of this collection.

this slouchy bag is perfect for your weekend getaway when all you need is a bathing suit and sunscreen. fancy enough for the night out, casual enough to take it anywhere. this bag is by far my favorite bag ive made.

the bag is 16″ x 18″ finished

she has snaps, O rings on the handles and two big pockets inside. one zipper pocket and one open pocket for easy grabbing access.

this is a must have basic bag.

of course it would be a cute bag in any fabric…

but seriously. this fabric was made for this bag. what color would you pick? all of them? yeah, me too.

(this fabric was also made with skirts in mind…oooooh yeeeeah baby!)


bag is 16″ x 18″ finished

has snaps, “O” rings, a zipper pocket and deep pockets.

lining is on the lightweight side so it slouches just right.

hampton weekend bag is available in PDF  and PAPER.

and last but not least.

my favorite picture this time around because of the baby and the hexagons and well everything about it i guess.

let me introduce the confetti quilt and banner:

moda has a new pre cut called honey comb. it’s 6″ across pre cut hexagons. and well it’s pretty much the boss.

i loved working with the precut hexis and am super excited to think of new patterns for them.

this time around i made this lovely quilt by piecing and appliquéing the hexes onto my quilt background.

the honey comb precuts include all the fabrics in the line including the ombre’s and chevrons.

it’s a quick and lovely quilt that is sure to dazzle your little person…or big person too.

this quilt comes in two sizes

the baby one pictured here is 48″ x 48″ finished

the large throw (not pictured) is 72″ x 96″

and well i guess i should mention that no, the adorable cute baby is not included

and there is no explanation on how to make said cute baby in the pattern.

btw her name is charlotte.

and her rolls are to die for. almost as much as her HUGE smile. 🙂


baby quilt 48″ x 48″finished

banner 20 hexes across double sided

large throw quilt 72″ x 96″ finished

confetti quilt patterns are available in pdf and in pre-order in  paper (expect a 2 week wait)

okay there you have it.

what do you think?

which one is your favorite??

for this weekend only get 20 percent off any pdf pattern just type in 20PDF at check out.

have a fantabulous weekend.

hopefully you’ll get some sewing time in!

we’ll talk soon 🙂

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