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yesterday was pizza day.

every tuesday we do pizza, every wednesday we have scouts, every sunday we do church, every monday we do family night, every friday we go out to dinner as a family.

we are a super scheduled family.

we like it that way.

but with very scheduled families you throw a holiday into the mix and all of a sudden you have your normal full schedule, and then you have a family that is hardly stopping for a second.

yesterday, i felt like i wasn’t going to do the normal scheduled program…and the kids and i just had fun doing a few things that had no real purpose except for the fact that it was something everyone thought would be fun to do.

we started off with dyeing the bottle brush trees.

i started with bleaching the dark green trees, and then getting 2 different shades of pink.

the hot pink is fuchsia and the lighter pink is light rose.

we tried a denim blue one and that was a mistake in my eyes, because it turned more purple but not a pretty purple. the kids are fighting over who gets to keep the mistake. 

as a matter of fact the two young ones keep arguing who’s trees they really are.

i keep trying to explain i bought them to bring a little cheer into my little corner basement office space…and well that went to deaf ears because this morning i found them on the little girl noisemakers bookshelf.

the purple one is suspiciously missing…i think the littlest boy noisemaker has it hidden from the the girl one. 

i think we’ll try to find some more on clearance after christmas and start dying other colors, a few teal, and maybe a few yellow looking ones? i don’t know but all i know is that it was fun and it was fun having the two younger kids so excited about it.

 since we were in the crafting mood the third noisemaker has been reading The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and is loving it. he asked me to make the yoda that is in the book…and i got all twisted and couldnt figure it out fast enough…and since the two other older noisemakers have read the book we looked to them to help us, but the second noisemaker said he had a hand puppet version he could do from memory.

the girl noisemaker needed one too (her’s the the smiling one) while the one with the goatee is my littlest boy noisemaker’s.

something we did get done that i was supposed to do is get our teacher gifts ready.

we are so very lucky to have wonderful teachers that love our children.

we continue to keep our thoughts and prayers for all the sandy hook families and community.

life is truly a beautiful gift.

i am so heavy with grief but i am so grateful for my children, husband, teachers, community, faith, and every day i wake up i give thanks for those things. and every night i give thanks again.

i am also so very grateful for the stories coming out about the heroic teachers, people and parents of sandy hook.  those heroes are what make sending my children to school still okay, it’s those heroes that i hope i would be like in that situation.

life is beautiful.

and we will continue to keep our thoughts and prayers for those who have to go through missing those no longer with them.

i hope you have a very comforting holiday season with friends and family and may we remember what really is important in this life.

we’ll talk soon.