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we are so close to new year.

how did that happen?

we as a family decided to have some time together after christmas and before new years. hence one of the many reasons why so quiet on this little space i call my own.

we had a great time. 🙂  minus a few “he’s breathing in my space.” and “are you kidding me? why?”‘s that life throws at you with everyone together all the time.

but now we come back to reality of deadlines (yes, i’m in the middle of the second line coming to life (yay!) and all the things that go into the pattern creating process for that said line.)

sorry i’ve ignored this little spot i call my own.

i have some more fun projects in store for you to add some fun to the continuing winter months. and i want to show you my new quilt i made. oh i’m so excited about it!!

just have to get a good picture.

lots of “just have to’s” it seems right now.


always actually.

well, so it is life i guess. 🙂

do you have a new year’s resolution? goal? word?

this year, we are as a family making a new year’s goal. not a resolution, not a word. but a goal.

we are getting together on monday night and voting but first the husband and i have to fine tune and finish up with the final choices to bring to the table so we can make decisions on what our goals will be.

i am still going to work on my own as well.

my own personal one is a simple one, its the word i’ve carried over for what will make this the 3rd year now.


again not just talking about exercising and food, though yes, i am talking about those things as well. adding more veggies, and water, walking as part of my routine everyday will continue to be on the list. but i am also speaking of emotional, spiritual, and service.

continually and slowly growing to be a better person all around. i hope to come out looking back at the end of the year better than i was at the beginning.

i like having that be my goal because i don’t feel that by the end of march i’ve lost my way, goal, or resolution.

i can always continually try to keep moving forward in my healthy goal.

so far looking back at 2012…i can say i’ve made some progress. 🙂 i hope to say that again at the end of 2013.

so excuse me for just a little bit.

as i am totally involved in spending time dotting some i’s and crossing some t’s over here for the next few days so we as a family can embark on our first ever family mission for the coming new year.

life is good.

even when you want to scratch your eyes out when things are so not going your way, or you have deadlines that are pressing, or your kids are fighting, or the bathroom stinks of something even though you told them to clean it…yes.

with all the ups and downs along the way and weird smells that accompany the boy’s bathroom.

we’ll talk soon.

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