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Spell it with fabric winner


Thank you all who played along.

How far did you get in the alphabet?

Here’s the download on how to make your blocks into a quilt 

I saw quite a few on instagram  if you follow me there you can see a little more behind the scenes of V and Co and the life therein.

Also the Sale ends tonight. Just enter the code MODASPELL at check out and receive 25% off your order. OH AND the THREAD IS BACK IN STOCK! thank you aurifil for their speedy delivery the threads will go out in the next couple of days!

So. Vwinner right?

Congrats to:


YAY! And for just a minute I’m going to stare at my pictures and PRETEND that its warm outside, and not feeling like I want to behead every snowman I see because it’s really not nice to take it out on snowmen how much I detest the cold.

All I have to say is that I should win a medal for how I am controlling myself and making a ton of effort to literally not going berserk on winter.

That is all.

Warm thoughts and happy weekend!

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