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Moda Spell it With Fabric blog hop sponsored by the letter V


Hello hello! Welcome to my turn to the spell it with fabric blog hop! I’m Very excited to have you! I’m your host Vanessa Christenson of V and Co.

This post is brought to you by the letter V 😉 naturally.

download the letter V here

Of course V is an awesome letter for me to have for all obVious reasons.

I made my “Supa-Star V quilt” to show off my “V” block at last fall market. It’s based off of my Lucky Star quilt pattern somehow making it personalized with a big letter V has got it perks, as no one dares to use my quilt so it’s always readily available for me when I need it…and this winter, oh man haVe I needed it. Safe to say I use it eVery day.

So aside from having the perfect letter block assigned to me for obVious reasons…I get to answer a few fun questions using the letter V as well…totally sounds fun right?

Oh yeah? Sounds fun till you actually have to do it. I mean HELLO, how many times do you use a descriptiVe word starting with a letter V? NOT OFTEN. But we’ll give it a go.

Here are my questions:

What’s your letter: V(easy enough)

What is something you don’t like: Vomiting (seriously who does? If you do, I don’t think we can be friends anymore)

What’s something you like: uuuuuhhhhh….NOT Vomiting? No wait…VACATIONS! I like Vacations, but not just any vacations I like warm Vacations. So I guess I like summer Vacation. (Ha this might be easier than I thought!)

 I like quilting because: When I’m quilting I’m in a happy Vortex (oh now I’m just totally showing off)

An object or tool you like to use: hmmmm my Color Me Happy Variegated thread  (actually all my thread but hey had to highlight the V!) that goes awesome with my:

gradient ombre fabric

Last but not least

favorite motto (with the word Virtue in it):

And I truly am grateful for so many things. My family being of course my biggest blessing I’m grateful for, but also just every day that I get to wake up, healthy, happy, and alive. Honestly, everyday I give thanks for what I call my life.

Ahem speaking of blessings one of them also known as my third noisemaker is having a birthday today.

He is obsessed with turtles so of course a little turtle cake was in order. We’re celebrating all things him today and I’ll get to his own blog post in a couple of days.  🙂 after the blog hop festivities die down.

Well then, that was WAY easier than I thought it would be to use V in all my answers!  I feel like a Vwinner I mean Winner…

So do you want to feel like a Vwinner too?

Of course part of this is to celebrate my upcoming new line Color Me happy…so I’m offering a great sale

from now till Saturday the whole V and Co store is 25% off when you enter MODASPELL when you check out.

 that includes my Color Me Happy Large Spool threads and the Color Me Happy small box of threads 

(ALL Thread is now BACK ORDERED (that sold out quick!) but I’ll grant the sale price if you don’t mind a little bit of a wait)…if you order something else it will ship with your thread when it comes in.

to the point quilt pattern

that includes all patterns, new AND old…

that’s kind of a big deal! 🙂 And it’s all to say thank you for your support. Honestly, thank you. 🙂

And now for the giveaway part:

Here’s what I am giving away to one lucky Vwinner:

1 layer cake and a jellyroll of color me happy, one lucky star pattern to use your jelly roll on, and a new slice cut (which next week I’ll be doing a free “how to” on making the banner with the slice cut)

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me what you would do with your prize if you win. (and yes petting it or staring at it is a very good answer too) please include an email address in your comment if your profile does not have an email attached to it.

Friday is the last day to enter then we will announce the winner.

talk to you soon. 🙂

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