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V and Co: honorable Jake


Hello! And welcome to my Blog! If you are new here visiting for the first time from the Jolly Jabber allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Vanessa of V and Co. I’m a Fabric and Pattern designer For Moda Fabrics and I get to be part of the Designer Mystery block of the month that that Fat Quarter Shop is hosting this year.

I was pretty excited that it was centered around stars…as I have a thing for them…they are my favorite quilt blocks.

Along with designing a block I got to name it and the stipulations given to us was to name it after a star we look up to in our lives.

Immediately, my husband came to mind.

My husband is a good man. Actually, he’s more than that. He’s my rock, he’s my vote of confidence, he’s my love, and he makes me want to be a better person.

 Together we’ve had 4 amazing kids.

We are partners in everything. We parent as partners, we do our finances as partners, we set family goals as partners, we struggle for each other, we feel happiness for each other, we meet each other half way most of the times. But there are times when he meets me more than half way…

He’s the kind of man, that works so hard for our family, not just financially, but emotionally, and spiritually. I see him on his knees in prayer every night, I see him so tired, but getting up before the sun is up to do his jobs, I see him giving our sons and daughter a wonderful example of what a man should be to his wife and to his children. He loves me unconditionally, even with my faults, he supports me, even when I am doubting myself, he motivates me to try harder and to reach for new heights, he inspires me to be better. 

He’s the best thing that has happened to me. He’s an honorable man, and that’s why I named my star after him.

Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for letting me be part of this! If you head back to the Jolly Jabber and comment on their post you will be entered to win a $75 certificate, just mention my star’s name and who you find to be a star in your life for that chance!

Also head over to Kate Spain’s and Minick and Simpson’s blogs to find out who’s a star in their lives.

We’ll talk soon! Have a great weekend!

On monday I have a fun pre cut how to! See you then

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