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V and Co: yesterday


yesterday we had a really cold morning…well for march it was cold and for me it most definitely was. it was 2 degrees and the fog had just burned off or moved on…and what it left behind was beautifully frost covered trees. this has got to be one of my most favorite things that happens in winter like weather. all the other crap could go away but the frost covered trees make me super duper happy. 

later today i am sitting with a friend that just had her gallbladder taken out. we are watching a chick flick and i am going to hand embroider a little spring-y type thing to help remind me that even though march looks like that outside…spring should be right around one of these corners…please??

a small how to on how to make my spring-y embroidery coming at ya on monday. 🙂  oh and stay warm if your outside looks like that too. and if it doesnt i don’t want to hear about your fabulous weather. 

have a fantabulous weekend. we’ll talk soon.