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V and Co. still sewing


 hi guys! well first off thank you THANK YOU for the love on the new fabric line.

yes, i think most of us are on the same page by far this one is a favorite. i am so super excited that you guys love it as much as i do!

i’m still in the final stages of sewing, putting binding on quilts and taking pictures. with market only being a week away i feel like i wake up running at full speed every morning.

i may have even gone to target with “i’ve been sewing in my basement haven’t really seen the sun for a couple of weeks” look and it wasn’t till i saw a neighbor that i realized…i look like crap…and then i hid, quickly got the milk i went in for and ran back home to the safety of my basement.

there is no way i could have done all the sewing all by myself this time around.

i’ve had a lot of help this time. when i finally have everything back i’ll list off all the awesome women that helped with this round of sewing craziness.

i’ll be showing off new patterns and picking a winner the beginning of next week of the free (waaaaaay before you can get it) jelly roll of color me happy. and maybe we’ll even have a special for a short time only discount on all patterns.

but before the rest of the quilts come back and need finishing touches…i think i’ll jump in the shower real quick cause i’m pretty sure i scared a couple of target employees and i might not be as lucky next time in my quick ninja hiding skills from people i know.

we’ll talk soon.

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