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V and Co: baby girl gift: ombre doily onsie and matching quilt


 First off thank you for your wonderful support to the cyber sale we had in our little shop. Those who said they didn’t mind waiting for the next shipment of our thread will not have to wait too long. I got word its already on its way. YAY! So hold tight its coming!

I have a friend having a baby.

So of course something handmade was to be made for her and her little girl coming soon.

It’s been super gloomy here in my little corner of the world. It definitely makes me want to curl up under a quilt and read books or watch reruns of my favorite TV shows. And as much as I would love to do that all day long my judgy cat would probably give me a ton of crap and would remind me I have quite a bit on my plate these days and I can’t waste my “work hours” during the time the kids are in school. She’s kind of bossy, but I guess I need her to keep me in line.

 Anyways, I digress…I made this little onsie kind of like I made these ombre appliquéd  onsies.

you can read more about dying here.

and doing ombre dying here

This time around I wanted to do the doily ombre so that it could match the quilt I was planning on giving her:

 This doily quilt can be found in my book Make It Sew Modern: Gather, Twist, Pleat, Texture

I chose the same beige doily (found at joann’s) as the starting point so that it would match the neutrals of the quilt I was giving her.

I think with bare little legs (for when baby is inside) or bundled up with a jacket and little leggings, this little onsie will be totally adorable.

And I also hope the mom likes it as much as I liked making it and giving it to them.

We’ll talk soon.