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V and Co: Other options for Handmade


 So now that Color Me Happy is in stores, so are my newest patterns. 🙂


If your shop carries Color Me Happy then YAY!

If they don’t then you might find yourself thinking…

“I want to make that Handmade pattern…but my shop doesn’t have the Ombre stripe from the Color Me Happy line.” You might also be thinking “Should I just eat the chocolate chips straight out of the bag?  Hmmm what does the fox really say? What is the true meaning of life?”

And while I can’t really help you out with those other thoughts (except for the chocolate chips one: totally eat them out of the bag, you’re the adult you can make the rule in the house.) 

I can help you out with what do I do if I can’t get a hold of the Ombre Stripe from Color Me Happy.

 Option 1:

3 1/2 yards Simply Style Aquatic Blue Ombre Gradient Fabric

and 1/2 yard of emerald green for the knobs

 Option 2:

bella solids that match the color ways of my ombre stripe.

1 1/4 yard: ruby ice 9900 169

1 1/4 yard: aqua 9900 34

1 1/4 yard: peacock 9900 216

and for the knobs

1/2 yard: emerald 9900 268

and well then theres totally the easiest option:

Option 3:

buy the Fat Quarter Shop’s kit for the pattern (includes the pattern) 

🙂 There. So have fun. And can’t wait to see your sewing machines!!! 🙂

Talk to you soon!

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