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V and Co: dresden plates


 there’s no secret i have a thing for dresden plates. and where i don’t have a quilt made out of dresden plates, i do like the make them and one of my favorite places to put them is on cute little pouches.

after i posted this picture of my little sewing pouch with the dresden plate made out of simply color, you guys exploded my email inbox with questions about it.

and then i posted this picture:

also a dresden plate only a very large dresden plate. and using my dot fabric from simply color.

and if i thought my inbox exploded the first time, i was wrong.

you guys had a ton of questions on the fabric, the size, tools to make it and so forth.

 so here’s the deal. i just made another little pouch to give as a gift and i thought. duh i should have taken pictures of how to make the dresden on this.

this time instead of doing a circle in the middle i added a hexagon. LOVE IT.

and now, here i am telling all of you…i’m going to show you how to make different sizes and different middles and give you suggestions on where to put your dresden plates.

so this next month randomly i’ll do in between other things how to’s on dresdens.



now if you’ll excuse me, i am 94 percent done with my new patterns so i can place them in my shop. i have 5 new patterns. yes, 5… this next fabric line was fun to work with…i have waaaaay more i’d like to do with it…but i couldn’t fit it all in cause there are only 24 hours in the day and i have little noisemakers that keep asking me to be their mother and feed them and crap like that. i am really excited to show them all to you. and in the next couple of weeks i will.

okay but for now that 6 percent needs to be taken care of so we’ll talk soon.

and watch for the dresden plates and watch for a few block of the months that i’m part of! all in the month of february.

we’ll talk soon!