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my working conditions…


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so here’s the idea…not in the right fabrics cause i did it while the kids were awake. i thought i would show you my less than perfect behind the scenes working conditions…

every time i get on my chair to start sewing, it’s like she has radar…
gets up on my lap and makes things….interesting to work with.
after i try and try to do things with her on me, sometimes i have to get up and put her down…she immediately does not like the situation and throws a fit

the boys on the other hand are a DREAM…HAHHAHAHAHAHhahah..ahha..ahmm (that was sarcasm at its finest) so far this summer i think they’ve done more damage than i’ve ever thought three little boys could possibly do…but then again i come from a family where i’m the only child AND all i did was sit with my barbies and make them duvet covers and pillows to cover that awful hard pink bed… and mind you i don’t ignore them all the live long day…even if i followed them as their shadows i would still be fixing things and saying “oh dear when your father gets home” and “seriously? why?!!!” but i’ve had to let some little things go being an only parent and because of that the boys have come up with some seriously AWESOME stuff all on their own. you know when we ‘re not going to library reading time, the swimming pool, setting up slip and slide, being on vacations, going to friends’ houses, friends coming over here, going to see family,doing chores, going to the dreaded walmart, and reading the star wars series ever single night(i now know more about star wars outside of the movies than i EVER wanted to)…they get a few minutes to “play” on their own.

so yeah there you go my life, my working conditions, and the things i create…not so glamorous, and just making do to get by and make a little here and there.