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buggy barn quilt


so here’s the buggy barn “stars and stripes” that i’m entering into the fair. and it wasn’t till someone mentioned that they hoped that i would win a ribbon…that it actually dawned on me “oh yeah people are going to be JUDGING this thing” and i quickly started to have the feeling that i wanted to hurl…but i got past that and…i think i’m STILL going to do it. i’ll take pictures of the other quilt when it gets back from being quilted by my fabulous friend that just so happens to be a professional quilter, and i’m working on my fall quilt as we speak so i can show off the quilt top soon to ya’ll. it’s a super nice day over here in the middle of nowhere that it’s kind of hard to be indoors (you know perfect weather with a nice cool breeze) but i have tonight that i have to fill my time with cause i still haven’t gotten to the “bookmobile” for the books i’ve been wanting. i always seem to miss it when it comes into town, but i think today’s the day that it’s here. oh yeah you KNOW there will be a picture of that soon. the things i’m getting used to…

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