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V and Co: crash and burn baby



 this week i had a very exciting, sad, weird, fun, happy marker come true for me.

i sent my last child to school.

after 12 years of having at least one small person in my home i now have 6 hours where all my minions/noisemakers/things i call my children are in school.

i thought i was going to have a super hard time with it.

then i didn’t.

and then the third day came and then i did have a hard time with it.

on wednesday i went and got a pedicure, shopped (where i FINALLY after TWO WHOLE DANG YEARS, found my yellow cardigan i’ve been searching and searching for. i found it at old navy and funny the color is “nebraska corn”. the dress was found there as well on clearance for $9.99), and then went to lunch at a sit down restaurant with another mom that was celebrating “the last child going to school” marker as well.

so yes, that day was fine, i even sang “it’s the best day ever” song by spongebob.

then thursday we had an eventful time of going to joann’s getting something’s i needed and trying to figure out exactly what project i need to work on first, and had a couple of fun visitors (hello ladies!)…went to lunch again…and then had the kids show up from school.

again. no missing them, and feeling like: “uh wait didn’t i just send you out the door? i kind of really like this no having to deal with kiddo things for 6 hours straight!”

then today happened:

and well poor buck and i aren’t handling our new found freedom as graciously today as we thought we would.

i guess i’m doing okay…

i’m feeling just mildly disoriented…nothing a good written out schedule wont fix…so i’ll be fine, give me a couple of more days of wandering around in circles, finally getting a schedule, and then rejoicing in the fact that i actually have the opportunity to miss my children.

 but the dog, he’s really missing his best friend.

he naps, and hangs out in her room most of the day, and when he’s tired of that, he sits and stares at me until he realizes i’m not going to put bows, or fabric, or sunglasses on him, or play dolls on him, as the little girl noisemaker likes to do when she’s around. he either then just lays down near me, or goes back to her room. poor guy.

or maybe he’s like totally okay with it and is like “dude, finally, MY room all by myself with no stupid bow on my ear! i’m just going to relax.”

yeah, i don’t think so.

maybe i’ll rent a kid to sit on him for a few hours a day while she’s gone.

or maybe i’ll find him a yellow cardi and a cute dress so his third day crash and burn isnt a repeat on monday.

k, that’s it, target, old navy, tj maxx, lunches with friends,  and sewing….yeah, that’s what i’ll have him do so he can see how awesome this new chapter in our life is going to be! 🙂

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