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today i get to be on the blog tour for miss angela yosten’s new book: Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew!

and i just have to gush a little about this lady.

she is the most delightful person, so genuine, nice and kind, and of course super talented.

as most of you know that 3 of my 4 noisemakers, aka my minions, aka my children, are indeed boys.

i know i know, they are easier in the respect of not as many meltdowns, drama and so forth. BUT when it comes to making things for them…not as easy my friends.

so whenever i see something that is cute and handmade especially for boys…i’m there. now, make a whole book about it… doubly there.

soooo lets talk about this book. shall we?

 this book has awesome designs and ideas, and has a great all around feel and look. here are a few of my faves! this adorable do not enter bag. i know sometimes i’m scared of what might crawl out or bite my hand as i open my boy’s back pack…why not give a fair warning?

 this one way sign is another fave, most of the time i feel like i’m redirecting the boys…this may help them hahahaha. 🙂

now i have a soft spot for pillows and decor, so uh of course i’m going to love the stop sign and the the speed limit pillow and well might as well add all the other sign pillows on there! too cute, you could also frame them if you don’t want them as pillows.

there are quilts, and shirt add ons, and decor, and so much more. i really love this book. good job angela!

okay now angela wants me to talk about one of MY favorite signs and a story behind it:

i’ve mentioned that i had 4 kids. and that three of them were boys. well the last one is a girl noisemaker.

she had a lot of ear infections her first year so her speech was a little delayed. (she’s caught up quite nicely now)

and for the longest time she would make up words or have her own little language if you would, like for example pizza was “choppy”, and spaghetti was “spay” those sort of things.

well for the longest time every time we were in the car she would yell in her own language something over and over again and we didn’t know what in the heck she was saying. we just smiled and said “yes, that’s right! sky!” or “yes, you’re right! that’s a car!”

YEARS PASSED PEOPLE and we just never knew what in the world the girl was saying.

well, finally the mystery was solved this last year.

see we moved from a remote area momentarily to a very populated area…then to iowa.

and then the girl now a little older and more “wordy” was able to vocalize more.

while in the car she would randomly yell out “santa was here!!”

and we would just scratch our heads and chop it up to “well she is OUR child, and have you seen the siblings? would we expect anything other than randomly yelling out things about santa in the middle of summer?”

one day we were going down a new way and she kept yelling out “santa was here!!”

and then there would be a lull and then again “SANTA WAS HERE!!!”

it took about 4 times till a light bulb came on over my husband’s head.

“ i think i know what she’s talking about.”

i look at him like this is going to be good.

and he says “wait for it….wait for it…okay in like 3 seconds…”

and sure enough:


i was like “WHAT IN THE WORLD? WHAT IS IT?” then the next time we came to a place where santa was in katie’s world he pointed it out to me and the boys:

years people. she’s been telling us for years, where santa touches down and lands his reindeer in order to deliver happiness to boys and girls.

yup. i wouldn’t expect any less from one of my awesome family members.

i mean when you have a husband that explains these signs as:

“snakes ahead beware 20 Many People Hurt.”

we are some kind of special at our house.

okay now:

i have a book to giveaway.

want it?

okay here you go:

for a chance to win tell me: if you had a sign, what would your sign say?

for a second chance to win:

what’s your favorite kind of project, a fast one or one that takes a little more time. which is more rewarding?

**answer in two separate comments, and please include your email address at the end of each comment like this:

your email address {at}whatever server{dot}com 

 you have till this friday the 17th to enter.

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Day 11 (Thursday, August 16): Angela Yosten (Texas)

see you there!

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