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V and Co: clouds of the midwest


this summer we’ve had a couple of firsts. this was our first full summer in the midwest. this summer we went to chicago for the first time. this summer we saw our first scary storm. well scary for us because we’ve never heard the sirens go off before that day. there was this weird look to the sky and then all of a sudden the clouds were scooped to the side and what was left behind was the greenish dark blue sky.  the only way i could describe it was that it looked like someone was skimming their hand next the clouds and pushing them over as they folded over each other. kind of like if you had some soap bubbles on the the top of a bowl of water, and moved the bubbles over to one side. it was eery, as my neighbor and i scrambled to get the patio furniture close to the house or in the house we looked up then looked at each other, we each said “oh swear word” mine was actually that phrase as we stared at it, and then each took a picture and then she yelled at me “GET INSIDE!”

the picture i took didn’t do it justice, but i had to get inside before whatever force that was pushing the clouds like that got to where i was standing.

it all ended a few hours later, and a few phone calls finally reaching my husband and son who were out at scout camp, (they were safe in a shelter) we lost power for over 12 hours.

so far the clouds keep our family in awe. i don’t think we’ve ever experienced soooo many cool looking clouds and sky. it’s really beautiful. the corn is really on the sad side i’ve been told due to the lack of rain we’ve been having…but i’m hoping to get some fun corny pictures. if i could take a picture of the fireflies over the corn fields and do it justice i would.

but honestly it’s breath taking and i don’t think i could get a picture to even show you that phenomenon. 🙂

we are really enjoying our surroundings. it’s neat to see new things even as a middle aged gal like myself.


i’m middle aged.


i’m a middle aged woman who says “poop”


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