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fat quartershop winner


girl noisemaker at older boy noisemaker’s soccer practice

 winner of the fat quarter shop giveaway is:

Rachelle said… I’d love to see more fabrics with teal and charcoal on them.

thank you to all that entered and all your responses. yes, i read them. 🙂

 my sister in law was here this last week and it was a nice week to cook, talk, decorate, and travel a little with her. it’s been years since we’ve done that. it was nice to catch up, and we sent her on her way today. it was so fun to have her here and we were sad to see her go but now i have to hit reality again…and i have to get my kids back on track and my sew on.

i’m going to market. 

eep. yes. i know i’ve gone a few times…but this time

 i’m showing “stuff” there. EEP!!

this will be my first time ever doing so and i’m a nervous wreck but it will be great. right?

well at least i can say that i did it. 🙂

so at this moment it feels nice to be sitting next to my husband, with tomorrow’s laid back scheduled agenda of family meals and church, listening to the thunder and rain from inside my house.

i have just one more day till all hellen breaks lose and i have to clean, sew, and run like a mad woman for about a month. but i’m ready. 🙂

but tomorrow i rest and enjoy my family and nothing but them.

have a great rest of the weekend.

we’ll talk soon. 😉