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V and Co: are you a traditional or modern


as i mentioned this last week my sister in law was visiting. and on friday we got the husband and the youngest noisemaker to play hookie and we took a trip to the nauvoo temple. it was a fun little trip and we were able to go inside some of the historical buildings in the “old nauvoo” town.

in one of the buildings there was a room with old quilts. i was in love with this one up above. i instantly gasped when i saw it.

with it’s mini pleats i couldn’t stop staring at it and thinking that i was going to go home and make something like it. or something with that idea. the juices started flowing and i felt inspired.

and that got me thinking.

traditional quilts vs modern quilts.

both beautiful in their own right.

heck. every quilt beautiful in it’s own right. 

when i get asked if i’m modern or traditional i hesitate to answer.


i just make what i think looks pretty and i have no idea if i fall in any category.

i think my style is this:

traditional and modern get married and have a baby and each time they have a baby it comes out slightly different.

yeah…that’s my style.

my latest kick is applique. my bag is probably a great example of what i mean. of traditional and modern having babies. and these days i find something so rewarding (and gorgeous) and relaxing in hand applique.

yes, watch for more projects with applique from me.

another little love and obsession i have going on these days is that of the love of different shades of the same color family. this log cabin shows what i mean. i love that the quilter took one color and then used all different shades of that same color.

to me a lot of different things make a quilt beautiful. let it be monochromatic color, or some kind of texture, or applique, or whatever i want to try my hand at…you’ll see it in my designs. i kind of just close my eyes and think “oh yeah…that would look really cool if i try that.”

oh am i giving some hints of things that i’m working on?

absolutely i am.

am i going to be showing you soon?


i will.

but not yet, i’m still working on it. so for now, i pose you the question.

are you a modern + traditional married and had children kind of quilter like me? or are you traditional through and through, or modern all the way?