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V and Co: ombre at target made me do it


have you been to target lately?


all their yummy colors and sigh….

lately i’ve been struggling with my mental organization… as in i feel like my wheels are spinning out of control and i walk around aimlessly half the day thinking “okay i have to get this done…but wait i have to do this too…i’ll work on this next and then…wait! i forgot i have to do this!!!” and i’m exhausted because i’ve started and worked on a bazillion things and then never finished one single thing…and before you know it kids are coming home, dinner needs to be made, and homework needs to be tackled.

i get things done…but the process…sheesh it’s got to change…i’m trying

one day it was particularly bad and i decided to leave the house and possibly the spinning…and so i headed to target…

now confession: i’ve been avoiding target because i’m trying to build up some money to do some built in storage for our house (possibly create an area to call my “work space or office”)…i know i don’t have to buy anything while i’m there but for some reason target just makes me want to drop money like it’s going out of style…so yes, avoiding the area of the temptation is the name of the game at my house…

but i had to get out i did it, i bit the bullet and went to target just to walk up and down the aisles.

and well you should have SEEN what i piled in my basket…and then put back and walked away with only these adorable little bowls.

that i had to have.

had to.

no really.

i blame it on the obsession of ombre i have.

pretty sure the target people have some kind of deal with the devil where they just know how to make you spend money…and i seriously went to the dark side…because i went back shortly after and bought green and blue storage bins…and i wanted to buy sooo much more…that i had to just walk away. and vow not to go back for a long time…

and well, i’ve not gone inside target since.

it’s scary in there with how cute everything is.

and i don’t even want to know what’s on sale, or what new things they’ve brought in…because i really REALLY need a sewing space to call my own. and soon.

we’ll talk soon.

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