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yesterday i was going to blog about what i did on tuesday. but then i got the flu. yes i did. and did you know that when mom throws up so does the house all around you? no kidding, the laundry threw up all over the floors, the cupboards threw up all over my counters, even the kid’s back packs threw up take home papers all over my kitchen table and kitchen floors, not to mention that my bed looks like it had a hang over with how bad it looked after me just rushing back and forth from the bed to the bathroom and then being the hub (after i quit throwing up) for kids to come and check in just to say that so and so was doing so and so, and what was i going to do about it…
so if ever you want to feel good about the things you do all day everyday, just don’t do it for a day and see the disaster you don’t let happen. i’m just sayin.

okay so onto what i did on tuesday before all hell broke lose in my stomach, i made little gift tags for family members using stamps, paper doilies, and a sewing machine. super easy and kind of cute and totally dirt cheap. my kind of craft.
my absolute favorite one is this doily one. i can just envision it on light brown plain paper wrapping and cut long strings of fabric. or if i get around to it buying some of this baker’s twine
totally plain and simple.

that’s what i’m going as this year’s christmas motto, plain and simple.

we as a family we decided (okay it was me and jake and we told the kids this is what we were doing) that this year only one toy was going to be given to them by us, one from santa, and the rest of the presents under the tree were going to be needs of clothes for the rest of the school year. my kids who already, i feel, know the value of a dollar because i make them pay for their own wants through out the year, were totally okay with it and don’t think it’s wrong that they are only getting the one thing that we all went to the store together and each one of them picked out that one thing. they also saw how much it was. we got thanked for actually spending the money on that one want. that makes me feel like i may not be a total failure of a parent. now some of you may think i’m harsh when it comes to making my kids pay for things throughout the year…but i personally feel like my kids need to have some kind of knowledge about money and what it takes to actually have things they want and to see that there are a lot of needs that come in to play before those wants can come into play. and mainly i want them to have knowledge that even if the bank account says you have money…that doesn’t mean it has to be spent right there and then. and especially not on wants.
now don’t get me wrong, i know i have a lot of things. i know i do, but we don’t get into debt for them. we council and hmmm and haa over our purchases every single one of them that we feel is more of a want. we’ve had this mentality since the first day we called our lives “together”. and i hope to instill this feeling about money into my children.
am i really wrong for being so tough with them on money?
so i’ll get off my soap box now.

okay a few things:
some of you have asked me where i was getting my polaroid looking pictures…new found obsession turning my pictures into polaroids using this site.
give it a shot it makes a lot of your plainer not so cool pictures look kind of cool.

some of you want to know of homemade goodness for christmas:
check out this site for a whole workshop of homemade goodness for the season.

some of you keep pestering me to show you more of the new house. okay i will but just know that i’ve not really done too much to it as i’ve moved into a bigger place…and well…i’ve been saving pennies for things i would like to add to walls and such things. but just know that yes more pictures to come.

okay with that. katie and i are going to sew a little bit more. yes, katie and i. she’s been in my lap every single time i’ve been on my sewing machine when she’s around. she’s actually getting kind of gutsy and saying “i do it by myself now, mom.” okay maybe i’ll let some of the control issues go aside and have her make her own thing.
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