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december 2010 christmas tree


this year the V and Co. clan continued the tradition i so begrudgingly didn’t want to start last year and now i actually find kind of endearing. we as a fam went out and got us a christmas tree.
we trudged in the two feet snow. i thought i saw a perfect tree within the first couple of minutes of walking in the snow…but then we had to make sure…so we walked in a circle…only to come back 45 minutes later to the same first tree i thought was the perfect tree.
the husband was a little like:
“uh, hun…it’s nice and all…but don’t you think it’s a little big?”
me: “nope, i don’t think so.”
husband:” okay, we may need to trim it some though.”
me: “i think it’ll be just fine, remember we have vaulted ceilings now.”

he gave me the look of “okay whatever i’ll do what you say and i’m sure this is going to go just like it always does where i have to fix the issue you just created because you think you know what you are talking about.”

i gave him back the stare of “i know what you are thinking but this time it’s going to be different.”
so i back up to take a picture of our not so big christmas tree…

i turn around and woah…it does look kind of big and angry doesn’t it…but i can’t stop him now…and anyways isn’t it better to cut it a little bit bigger than to cut it too small?
also notice the little tree that the little noise maker is holding. each of the kids got their own little tree they could put the ugly i mean wonderful past home and school made decorations. but i digress lets get back to my slightly large tree…
we drive it home. we get home. and i’m ready to take the tree inside right then and there. the husband is all:
“woah…hold on lets measure inside and see how much we need to take off first.”
we measure and sure enough we need to take at least 3 feet off. so the husband has me help him measure the tree…but i got nervous with how much we were going to cut off…so when he told me to keep my hand to mark where we were going to cut the tree so he could get his saw…i took that opportunity to slightly move my hand down just a tad bit…i GOT NERVOUS OKAY?

we brought it in and he scratched his head “i don’t get it.”…and then slowly turned around…to me saying “huh, so i guess you figured in the base and then the need for a star too…that’s why you needed to cut down that much…”
he sighed and mummbled something his breath that sounded a lot like “she’s going to be the death of me…”
so, he got his saw back out…i got my lovely white lights and monochromatic decor out…
and our angry monster of a tree turned into a happy wonderful,
perfect 2010 christmas tree.
and i don’t care what any of you think because it’s beautiful in my eyes.
oh and the husband would like to know if any of you have any tricks to picking out a perfect christmas tree for future years to come…and no, not having me come is not an option.
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