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happy ninth birthday to my second noise maker.
a few facts about you right now:

*you love spaghetti, tacos, burritos, and you hate pizza.
*you love to read and will read any huge book you can get your hands on.
*you love school. (and are really good at it too)
*you are my easy going kid. thank you.
*you sometimes choose to hang out with me instead of doing other things on your free time. (that makes me tear up when i think about it)
*you want to learn to sew. (i love that!)
*you do all your homework, chores, and keep your room clean without being asked. (your future wife will love you for that)
*you are way older in maturity than your actual years.
*your siblings look to you for guidance.
*you can sense when family members are in need and you usually are the one to try to comfort them.

you are are an amazing kid.
we’re so lucky to be your parents.
we love you and we hope you have a wonderful birthday eating tacos and having ice cream cake. 😉
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