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sneek peek: office slash sewing room


well, it’s official.
i have my very own first EVER bonafide sewing slash office slash lets see how much sewing and crafting crap i can cram into a room all to myself.

we signed papers on wednesday and we officially recorded as sellers of our last home and as owners of our new home on friday at 1:34 pm.
all hell broke loose when we got word that this domino effect of selling and buying homes was really going to happen… everyone was approved and well on their way in playing musical homes. i had no idea that when i decided to put our home on the market at the end of august…less than two months later i would be freaking out trying to figure out how we were going to do everything in fast forward motion.
but here we are.

and well, welcome to my own little space in our new home.
i even got new to me but real retro furniture (for FREE) to go it:

a friend was showing me her basement and when she opened a door to one of the bedrooms i nearly fell over in envy when i saw the dresser and desk in this room. i told her i hated her for having such a cool dresser. she stared at me like i was smoking crack. the words “you can have it if you want it” came out of her mouth and i started jumping up and down ecstatic. then she added “you can have that desk too.” i immediately stopped jumping and stared at her. i swore i must of heard her wrong. “you don’t want them?” disbelieving i kept staring at her. she started laughing and said “are you kidding me? you’re helping me by taking it.” i continued to jump up and down and up and down. she was re-assured at that point that yes in fact i had to of been on crack due to my response and uber excitement of my new digs for my office.
the desk will be my sewing and computer desk. i will move the screen off the desk while sewing.
the dresser will be where i will keep a lot of my fabric but lets be completely honest, it wont even touch a fraction of what i call my fabric stash. so the closet will we used for organizing fabric as well.
i love it all.

and well i think someone else does too.
but please don’t let this optical illusion of a super organized no clutter area fool you…

the other side of the room still looks like this.
and well, lets be honest, so does the rest of the house.
oh heaven help me.