sneek peek


my old dining slash kitchen area looking a lot more “moving organized” in this picture
than what it really looks like right now

well i really can’t write much as i am in a time warp continuum of this black hole called “moving just down the street.” but here’s a snip-it of my new kitchen slash dining area that i have yet to fully move into:
hopefully by this weekend more of my things will be inside the house so i can go back to blogging and sewing and organizing and fall decorating.
you know all the important things in life.

(keep a look out for someone elses cute fall tutorial to show up in the next little bit. as my sanity and priorities have been taken over with this whole fiasco i put upon myself.)

i would say we’ll talk soon…but this black hole time warp thing doesn’t let me know when i’ll get to computer next. soooooo.
hopefully we’ll talk soon.

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