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instead… i made her a dress


well thanks for the vote of confidence that i could totally tackle my perfect gray dress.
i *think* (fingers crossed) i may give it a shot next week.
see i thought i would give it a try after so many of you gave me the extra push by saying “oh you can totally do it!”
and i did… that is…have all intentions of starting and then, well, i talked and chickened myself out of it.
so instead i made her a dress…
out of two t-shirts.

she loves it so much that she let me take pictures (with no complaints…which is a huge shocker!) and then she wore it to the boys’ soccer games, then she came home and wouldn’t take it off to go to bed…so, you got it, she went to bed in it.

i had to make her take it off today so i could work out some of the “kinks” i had. yes i made it better and i’m a little happier with it, but it’s still not what i exactly want. so no, no new pattern for this dress, but maybe in the future you will see it…somewhere. >;P

and well there you have it. a new dress for an adorable little girl. and nothing for the mother of the adorable little girl.
maybe next week?
*itching hives*