editing photos=some tips


i’ve been getting asked by a few of you if i have a cool lens that does different effects on my pictures. the answer is no, i do not. but i do in fact have access to a pretty cool editing program.
oh, okay before you huff and puff and start thinking “of course she has an editing program! it probably cost a bazillion dollars! jerk!”
let me just say this:
calm down no it doesn’t cost a ton of money, and in fact it was free and oh get this, it’s online.

the site i use is called :
picnik.com (use link to get there) and you can for no charge do just as i do with your pictures.
there are lots of effects that are for free (i personally don’t pay for the extra stuff) but there are even MORE effects and editing options you can do if you pay a little for the extras. i’ve thought about doing it a few times…and then i get sidetracked and well there you go, i forget or don’t or whatever.

basically you can use a lot of different tools on this site. but the two that i use the MOST are the “cross process” effect and the “orton-ish” effect.
here’s how you do it:
you will have to create an acct (which is free) or you can be a guest, but the good thing about creating an acct is that it remembers your pictures.
once you create an acct you can follow these easy instructions:
for the orton-ish effect:
upload picture.
hit the create tab
click on the effects button
scroll down to “orton-ish”
i don’t like the “bloom” effect it gives so i always scroll down to 0% but you can do whatever you like.

for the “cross process” effect:
follow the same instructions as above only instead hit the “cross process” button.
i always make it a little softer because sometimes i think the cross process looks better at a less %.

i’ll be a little scarce for the next few days, i’m working on stuff, a new tutorial (if i get the chance) and on that dress if i don’t post in a few days that just means i’m frustrated with one of the above and i’ll be unpicking seams or re-thinking projects.

also i’m trying to recover from flipping off a tube while acting like a child when we were at lake powell this weekend. it most definitely got a lot of laughs (including mine) but those laughs are long gone and i’m not that spring chicken i keep thinking i am and my whole body is sore from the fun times in the sun at the lake.

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