editing photos=some tips

i’ve been getting asked by a few of you if i have a cool lens that does different effects on my pictures. the answer is no, i do not. but i do in fact have access to a pretty cool editing program. oh, okay before you huff and puff and start thinking “of course she […]

playing photographer again…

so my friend that everyone thinks we’re related because we kind of look alike cashed in on all the favors she did for me while GI Joe husband was gone. she asked for family pictures to be taken and kindly i obliged…she’s watched my little ones a few times here and there for me so […]

I’ve been busy…

taken with my NEW CAMERA! it came late last night, so this picture was taken AT NIGHT! holy crap I’m in love. So I haven’t really been posting pictures of projects lately. I was trying to hold off posting anything till the camera got here but it’s here now and I’m trying to get aquainted […]

“i’ll watch your kids if you take my pictures.”

…that’s what she said and i laughed in her face and said “oh you’re serious…you know i DON’T know what i’m doing, right?”“…and i don’t have an awesome camera right?” “…and i usually just take pictures of my crazy kids and my quilts right?” she said “i know, but i don’t have money to spend […]

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