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my new shoes


well i finally did it. i bought those yellow shoes i’ve been eyeballing for over three months.
best part about it…they were on sale for $8.99. yeah i know how could i not right? (oops i guess they are now up to 12.99 again. sorry)
edited: to answer the questions in the comments: they fit like a glove perfect to my size. the size i bought are size 6 1/2 and after 4 pregnancies that’s my size i buy in all shoes. even flip flops. i have really skinny feet (kind of boney so if you have a little more of a thicker foot i would go 1/2 size higher?)

the reason why it took me so long to buy them was because:
A. they are yellow…i’m so a black, brown, sometimes red kind of shoe girl. but recently i bought my first pair of turquoise wedge shoes and well…
B. they are flats.
i hardly ever EVER wear flats. i’m 5 foot 1 and well i think my legs look better in heels. sooooooo i ALWAYS wear some kind of heel. even my flip flops have a wedge on em. yup hang up 556 right there with hair issues and the color purple. or people that walk around with their arms over each other, or couples walking with their hands in each other’s back pockets. i dunno why…just bugs.
okay well…
i bought the shoes they were a steal.
and well because i’m obsessed with gray and yellow. together. mmmmm it just speaks FALL to me.
so in true vanessa form i’ve been obsessively looking for the perfect gray dress to go with my yellow shoes.
i want to wear it for our family pictures. because we’ve not had them done in more than two years. sad.
here are some dresses i’ve come across:
link to this dress mmm, yes lovely but i’m short i don’t know if it will go well especially with my flat shoes.

i love the neck on this dress…but if i need to wear a cardi with it…bleh?
LOVE this dress, neckline needs to be a little higher for me but i absolutely adore the full skirt. i am soooo loving the 1950’s feel to it as well.
and then theres this dress…that i think i’m basically coveting. because i think it’s perfect. especially with a cute cardi and my shoes, or with a big heel black peep toe shoes. which i also have.
i want it and i want a mustard yellow cardigan to go with it.

should i try to make it?
it gives me hives thinking of trying…i’m so not a pattern follower…but i think i may have found a pattern.
*itching hives*
i know it’s simple…but i don’t know. what if i royally screw up?
i guess i could always wear something else.