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happiness is…


#3 noisemaker aka “outside-voice-only” child’s feet yesterday morning.

  • sleeping in till almost 9 and then having all your kids in bed with you watching sponge bob.
  • having all your kids want to do a craft with you and have it turn out cute!
  • daylight savings time so the family can play baseball with dad when he gets home from work.
  • reading The Lightning Thief to the boys at night (i love it too!)

#3 and #4 noise maker enjoying each other’s presence by the sprinklers

  • going to the pool or playing in the sprinklers every day it’s sunny and not too windy.
  • having my kids getting along…85% of the time.
  • having them cleaning the bathroom as a consequence of the 15% percent of the time they don’t get along. (makes for a clean bathroom)

#2 #3 and #4 noisemakers with man’s (and #4’s) best friend

  • eating otter pops for breakfast on your back porch. (don’t worry mom they get cereal too)
  • having my husband on the same continent and knowing he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • having my peonies bloom without any assistance from me. because lets face it, if they needed assistance from me, the husband would have to install a drip line, of nutrients, and water that would run on a timer. he’s the green thumb not me.

i’ve been trying to recoupe ever since my unfortunate events posts it seems.
shortly after i got home from that trip i’ve been battling some bad sinus thing. i didn’t even sound sick i just felt (and feel) horrible and run down and my whole right side of my head felt like it wanted to explode and run away somewhere. literally my teeth felt like they were going to fall out. went to the doc they got me on three weeks of antibiotics, and some nasal stuff and blah de blah…anyways it’s not getting any better…well it is, but it’s not…now i just throw up in the mornings (NO I’M NOT PREGNANT!) and have major headaches, am dizzy and my ears feel like they have cotton in them and they hurt. but i can’t stay sleeping all the time, thank heavens for tylenol sinus meds, so that i’ve been able to take the kids to the pool and we’ve been crafting kid crafts…but that’s about it. i’m hoping this goes away soon because i’m suppose to go to girls camp next tuesday. i’ve lost count of how many times i’ve gone, and i’ve lost count of how many places i’ve been. but i love it. i just don’t want to do it dizzy….and hurting.

thanks for all the link ups. i’ll be checking them out as i get ready to leave and when i come back i’ll do a rap up of a few faves as well as a few faves from the flicker group! hello look at you guys go!
keep it up guys! i’ll be doing the measurements for the little star with a game plan for the quilt next week as well.
take care.
we’ll talk soon!