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link me up baby


well two weeks into summer and i’m here to let you know i’m surviving.
actually it’s been a lot easier to get up and get out of the house this summer more so than other summers.
i think it’s because my kids are getting older.
but with it being easier to get up and go places, it means it’s harder to blog.
story time, going to the pool, seeing how many times during the week i can make fudge, playing baseball in the back yard, adding landscape to the back yard… and oh yeah going to the doctor for split eyebrows, heads, and sinus infections (that last one was me!)… yeah and the doctor thing was ALL this last weekend alone. ah!
so with all things going on, i’ve done minimal sewing, and it seems even more minimal blogging.
um sorry? but not really? i’m really enjoying hanging with the kids and with no real agenda.

i did before all things fell apart this weekend make a few more stars. but smaller. cute huh? i have a plan i swear. and i’ll take you along for the ride. i’ll give you the measurements later on for the smaller star but for now lets have you link up your projects you’ve been working on.
go ahead and start linking! i’ll be over here maybe sewing my stars…