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dresden plate


so i love fabric.
i think you sort of get that on my blog.
i also love old quilts.
i don’t have any in my family.
a while ago i decided to start making quilts so that the tradition can begin of having old heirloom quilts passed along the way in our family.

it’s been so nice for the last two days that i can not justify staying indoors all day near the computer or on the sewing machine. so what better time to work on “hand work” like they did back then. soaking up some vitamin D at the same time as well as shedding the paste-i-ness i like to call my limbs.
i love how this dresden plate turned out. i’m either going to frame it put it in a hoop, or keep going and make more. either way i love it a lot.
you can get this pattern in the book: Material Obsession: Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots

seriously the book is pretty sweet and the chicks are from down under.
they have nice weather down there.

like all the time.
they probably are always tan
and always doing hand work.