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oh we laughed


yup me on THE chair photo taken by camille

camille from simplify thought it was real sad that i didn’t have a quilt store or *gasp* a target near me. (3 hours away people!)so she thought it would be a good idea to have me over and let me get my fix of a big city. well, that will teach her…
but we did shop and sew, and drink a lot of dr. pepper (diet does taste the same as the real stuff i don’t care what YOU say!) 😉

look at how small her meal is compared to mine…i guess that’s what tall lanky model body girls eat as appose to short little midget hispanic girls with curves like me eat…i’m not shy about my food eating habits…so it seems.

yes, i got to see THE chair in person…even got to sit in it while we cackled like old women. of course she got all the shots of me in the chair on her camera!…but no way no how am i going to bug her right before market to send me pictures of me in her chair. her new fabric line came today in the mail….thanks camille for sending over!

SO MAD IT DIDN’T get there while i was there so i could pet it in person.

i guess i’ll just have to wait till it comes to the quilt stores to get my fix!
seriously camille thanks for giving my family to have the opportunity to miss me.

about that…

the family survived without me.

actually, when i walked in through the door the house was clean and the husband had dinner almost ready. the kids were all setting the table. the kids saw me and ran to me, hugged said their i missed you’s and then i just stared and said “wow, the house looks great.”

his answer was “yeah the floors have been swept and i vacumed. all the laundry is done as well. i think i would make a really good housewife.”

yes, indeed he would.

so much that i think i’ll be very happy and confident to do my little weekend trips more often.

that’ll teach him for trying to upstage me and my housewife-ness.

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