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“THE” chair is done… for now


because a girl has the right to completely change her mind about anything…how ever many times she wants you may get something that she was happy with that looked like this:…to be undone and re-done in yellow gigham, undone of that and then re-done in a blue with a print of some fruit on it (shut it…it was a good idea in theory…okay maybe it wasn’t even good then)…to finally give out a big sigh of relief when in the “big city” she was pulled by gravity towards camille’s red polka dots” only to fall (even more) madly in love with the fabric in person.

so i ended up with this. i’ve decided that i’m a red and green with a dash of blue kind of girl. and as much as i would of liked to of taken the plunge and painted it a lovely, lovely robin’s egg blue, i think i may just need to warm up to it. so for now it is done. and for now i like it.

and that my friends is where i plant my butt to read your comments. have a happy weekend.