i’m speechless…but i’ll push through that


wow people! i mean WOW PEOPLE! seriously you guys like your moda and it shows! the man formerly known as GI Joe husband would like to know where the heck you all came from! i told him EVERYWHERE!(though i don’t think that’s what he was asking) HELLO AMERICA, CANADA, UK, ITALY, FRANCE, HUNGARY, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, SPAIN, and SOUTH AMERICA!!!!… did i miss anyone? the final count was in the 780’s there were a few repeat comments here and there which i deleted (why does blogger do that sometimes?)and then there were the people who linked me and commented in one comment (no worries you got two entries) i’ve been putting everyone on Microsoft word as you guys came into the giveaway.

i decided that go the safe route and go with the random.org number picker outer thingy.

here’s your random#:333

jessica from washington

you are the lucky winner to these two lovely honey buns! lucky you! hopefully you don’t know too many people who entered cause i think there’s going to be a hoard of disappointed angry crafty people. quickly run and hide! 😉

oh okay i’ll give one more thing away next winner is random #732

living with a joyful heart from conneticut you win a moda recess charm pack like the one i made my celebration flag banner out of!

ladies if you’d please just email me your addresses that would be super.

now the rest of you: if you’d like you can jump over to my etsy store and check out the rag rug kitsi’ve just put together (yes i do over seas orders just convo me) there’s not that many you might want to run not walk… you too can be on your way to making a lovely rag rug for a third of the price you would pay for an already made one from say pottery barn or the warm biscuit co.

thank you all for playing! we’ll see when i can get rid of this headache (and forget about it!) from staring at the computer screen and reading all your dang entries (i read every single one of them people except i couldn’t understand one from a lovely french woman who left me a comment even linked me mind you! it looked like she was saying lovely things about me but what do i know?! doesn’t anything french sound pretty when said or written?) to do something like this again! i’m off to soak and rest my eyeballs.

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