:: a “sweet” and “swanky” giveaway::


alright here’s the deal:

since so many of you were so kind to say some really nice things about my tutorial over at the moda bake shop, i in turn want to do something for you guys. here’s a giveaway of two lovely yummy honey buns. they are “sweet” (the one i used on my rag rug tutorial) and “swanky” that just screams spring. now don’t expect a giveaway every single time or anything, i’m not made out of money,so you might want to get your chance now!


here are the rules:

1) leave me a comment (could be anything like “hey i think you are pretty darn cool” or “i want that” really you can’t go wrong)


2) if you want a second entry link to my post with this picture on your blog, then come back and let me know you linked it.


3)make sure there’s a link back to your blog (or an email address) so if you win i have some way of contacting you!


4) i will pick a winner this THURSDAY the 5th at 10 am (mountain standard time)


so there you have it, two tries to get you some yummy honey buns. i’ll be over here working on some “new stuff” all week long (can’t wait to show you next week). and periodically i’ll try to check you guys out…and i’ll see you on thursday with a winner!


edited tuesday march 3 before the kids go to school: holy shmoly!!! took a day off of blogging to work on things with all the intentions of checking out everyone who left me a comment today…uh…you guys are making that a little hard seeing that there are not enough hours in the day and i’m not willing to leave a permanent imprint of my butt on my computer chair! i’ll do my best to check out the links! THANK YOU ALL FOR PLAYING! how fun! see you thursday.

okay i’m closing down the giveaway @ 9 am so that i have an hour to finish up the last bit of counting and “microsoft wording” the rest of the contestants i’ll be back at 10.