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a binding we will go…


i’ve been working my fingers off it seems these days binding. binding my quilts that are finished, and binding for other people (.12 cents an inch) not bad money. i love that i get to help people finish their projects, the happiness and gratitude they express is pay enough, but the money is well needed to feed the fabric addictions over here soooo….yeah the money is nice. i really don’t mind doing this part of people’s quilts for them, especially when i love it so. when a quilt is bound, it is finally finished and looks lovely, crisp, yummy,and ready to hang out under with a book. just all around a happy maker. i’m off to bind two more right now for others, and hopefully finish up my table runners sometime later this week. i’m posting new aprons in the shop tomorrow, so come back and check those out. they are darn cute and your hubby won’t be able to stop thinking dirty thoughts about you in it. hey, maybe you could get abetty of your own with the help of one of these aprons! haha! i’m TOTALLY joking, well not really.