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she’s such a “betty”


i think that’s her name.
GI joe husband took it upon himself to buy me a sewing machine. yes, you read it right. HE bought ME a sewing machine. GI joe husband loves to research (that’s why he went and got himself a PhD. so he could one day teach at a university and do research), so when i told him what my next requirements for a sewing machine would be(never ever EVER thinking that i would get something even close to it), and what brand i wanted….he started to research and well guess what he found…an even better sewing machine than what i would of bought for myself. for half the cost of what it originally cost. with perks and a lot of equipment i don’t even know what any of it does yet.

and in reading the manual i see that she can quilt, embroider, clean, cook, and do my taxes. i wonder if she does pedicures as well?

she scares the hell out of me.

thank you jake.