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i couldn’t help myself…


i promised myself that i wasn’t going to buy any more fabric, the idea is that i was going to use up what i had in my collection…but when i think of nine patch quilts i think it in 1930’s colors and prints. i’m still going to use up my stuff but i’m going to put these in there too. i’m pretty excited to add a ninepatch quilt under my belt. being a beginner i’ve only attempted squares and triangles and that buggy barn quilt, but i like simple quilts the best so i think this would be a great next quilt to do.

this is the general idea of what i’m going to be slowly working on this next year. i want to finish it by at least next summer…but you know me sometimes i get going and it gets done a little quicker. schools just around the corner though and that means A LOT of different challenges on top of free time from children. we’ll see how much time i’m allotted to work on my quilt!