help with the cranky


so i’ve been super cranky for the past few days. i’ve realized that i havn’t been sewing and the house is a disaster. it’s all due to the 700+ pages i’ve been (trying) to read non stop since i got the book. but thankfully (and sadly) it’s over now and i’m back! the day yesturday was spent cleaning like a madwoman, and then at night i was able to finish a little project i’ve been wanting to do. bought this at walmart the little one likes to use it all over the house with her doll. i wasn’t too excited about the cover so i decided to use some of my sheets that i got at the second hand store to re-vamp (vampires on the mind) it.
i still have to add the belt but katie saw it and started using it before i could finish it.

the little one loves it (not that she didn’t love it before but now i love it too) and you can’t really tell but the little doll is sporting a skirt just like the katie. she actually picked out her own clothes today. crazy how fast she’s growing up. i can’t believe that i’m going to have two of my boys in full time school either! ahhh! is it that when you get older, time just goes by in warp speed?

oh and i’ve had some questions about the pinwheel quilt if it’s easy to make and such…yes it is, i’m working on a tutorial on binding your quilt (that one’s for you ginger!) and i’ll then work on a tutorial on making triangles so you can make your own pinwheel quilt! okay off to binding the quilt and folding my laundry i go. the boys and i did a science project this summer of making salt crystals and they are bugging me to look stuff online so that we can learn ALL about it so yeah busy day. its amazing how just a little bit of sewing and cleaning will help with the crankies!

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