tutorial::easiest apron to make (and cute!)


this apron that i’m going to show you is super easy and super fast. it’s made from a pretty dish towel. buy your dish towel (mine were on clearance for $1.50 each) this one measures 18 inches by 28 inches (rectangle towels only)
fold up your towel just like the picture (in the middle fold up and then fold down halfway again)

press your towel for good creases
pin your sides down…
and sew each side down of the towel where you folded it together (this will make one big pocket in the front)

next you want to sew to make three pockets total, so sew two lines on you big pocket to make three equal sized pockets.
now to make the apron tie cut off salvage of fabric…
i then measured my waist doubled it and added 30 inches (so the the tie would go around my waist and tie in the front and have enough to have the ties hang a little) and i cut the width to 4 inches wide (you can make it bigger for a wider tie)

sew right sides together and turn inside out ( i think this is what took the longest!)
fold you ends in and sew them
next you are going to pin your finished tie onto your apron (fold in half the tie so you know exactly where the middle of the tie is!)

sew the top and bottom of the tie onto your apron…like these two pictures

VIOLA! you got yourself a super cute apron!!
(i’ll put this on my side bar under tutorials if you want to come back to it in the future!) happy apron making!!