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picnic blanket for the little one


i last night i finally binded the little ones picnic blanket. in theory this is a very easy quilt to make. in reality, if i had instructions instead of just going off of my memory of what i saw at a quilt store up north, and if i had some fabric glue instead of pining every individual square down, it might of been a super easy quilt. but i’m impatient, and being out in the middle of nowhere, i did not have access to buying fabric glue, so i went with it…
my quilting isn’t straight and there are some puckers here and there, but the little missy is not yet 2 and i don’t think those things matter so much to her. she loves it i love it and i love playing picnic with her (so do the boys, but they don’t want me to mention that, shhhh)