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Inspiration in all the right places


this is my uncle, and this is his backyard…isn’t it amazing? he built the little house (it used to be the playhouse when i was growing up, and now it’s his little retreat) he made the pond (we used to swim in there as little kids) it even has a water fall and bridge. As i’ve grown older i look at this backyard (that I’ve been staring at for over 30 years now) and I see it in a different light. it used to just be a backyard with endless possibilities for the imagination to go wild with play, but now it’s amazing and inspirational and i see the endless years and devotion and hard work that this man has put into this beautiful backyard masterpiece.

this is my sis-in-law chadley and her husband rob’s backyard. i love the vibrant colors i love the mirror, i love love love topiaries, soooo you know i’m loving it all.

anyways yesterday i decided that i was no longer going to be inspired from a distance…i’ve actually started my transformation from “winter yuck” to “summer yum”.
the planting has begun, i spent yesterday planting flowers and vegetables. today i am going to go buy a few more pots for my garden, i’m painting some outside “furniture” and I can’t wait to show you my progress tomorrow! Happy planting (even though all of you have been doing it for a while already!)