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and now we sit and wait…


i’m burnt, i’m tired, i’m dirty, and i’ve got some paint on me too.

seriously…i’ve spent the last two days busting my butt planting. and these pictures are all that I have to show for it…i know i know it’ll keep growing and filling in and I should be getting some nice zucchini, squash and tomatoes sometime later this summer…apparently i’m into instant gratification, none of this waiting around and watching things grow at a snails pace. but whatever, i can’t make time go faster (trust me i would make this year go in a blink of an eye if i could!!!)
can you see the chain link fence? its EVERYWHERE… I hate it, and I can’t justify spending thousands of dollars putting in a nicer one…it does the job and it came with the house…so, the plan is to plant vine-y things all around the fence so that i have a “natural” privacy fence thingy…so like in a 100 years I’ll have the perfect fence with vines and flowers all over it…I should just get the stupid fence.

this by far is the favorite that i have going on right now…i love how it hangs over the basket

I’ve totally slacked off on sewing. since I’ve practically lived outside for the past two days and we had story time at the library, my kids are doing baseball and soccer, thank heavens I didn’t sign them up for swimming lessons… I haven’t even seen my sewing machine. It’s cold and lonely and it’s feeling neglected but i’m planning on sewing today…on the schedule is to make a skirt out of a pillow case i got at a thrift store (50cents), and I’m sewing outside pillows for my chairs in the back patio area. Oh yeah and I’m hoping to finish that darn doll quilt that’s been sitting there staring at me every day as I pass by it. Big plans… lets see how much I actually get done. wow is anyone else sensing a sour mood…hmmm. I need chocolate…oh wait i’ve already been abusing the chocolate…i mean i need MORE chocolate.

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