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long gone goats and baby sulivan’s quilt


well i did it, i got rid of the demons that are other wise known as goats. yesterday was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, or in my case the last straw that made it really easy for me to call the one family i KNEW would take the goats. billy got out again, and then to show him who was boss i put him on the chain for a while. yeah i was feeling pretty good till daisy decided that she was going to try out her new jackie chan moves and got out too (i mean i really have to hand it to that goat, she can back up, jump, and in mid air switch directions just ever so slightly so that she angles herself in the right position to hit the trunk of the tree just right so that she would land in the tree branch and then just hop down the other side…it was amazing, i should of charged people to come see it. oh well hind sight is 20/20) so when i got daisy right as she was about to maim the rest of my garden (to finish the job she started last time) in the front yard, i went to put her on the chain too, and that’s when it happened. i don’t know if he was trying to defend his woman or he was just upset that i had put him on the chain earlier, or that he was upset that he looked like satan’s spawn…i DON’T KNOW…but the demon reared and horned me in the butt and hip area…i looked at him and said “oh no you did not!” turned on my heel let go of daisy and went to make the call. i’ll show them…stupid goats…and as the goats were being taken away i was not sad to see billy go, but i was a little torn on seeing daisy go. i was fine with it, the middle boys were fine with it, J.I. Joe husband was VERY fine with it when i told him, but nate now wont talk to me…well he didn’t till he got a little light bulb flash on top of his head and then said “ooooh now we can get a horse!!!” uh…no… when the kids went down to bed, i started on my neighbor julie’s baby quilt. let me tell you how she told me the news that she was expecting her 6th child:
i knock on her door to drop off a book i thought she might like, she answers the door and says:
i have some really bad news to tell you.
me: oh no julie what!!! are the kids okay? is aaron?
julie: yeah they’re fine, but i’m not.
me: what is it?!
julie: well i’m done crying about it, so now i guess i should tell you…i’m pregnant.
me: (hahahaha) oh you’re serious…uh…i thought you were done…
julie: yes i WAS done! i gave all my baby clothes away! i gave away the bottles, spoons, toys, you name it i gave it away! i was done having kids!!! and now we have to get one of those gi-normous white vans just to fit all of us in to go somewhere together as a family ! I WAS DONE HAVING KIDS!!!
me: well, apparently not so much…
julie: yeah apparently not, anyways, aaron has an appointment to get snipped in the next few months…if i have to go through this again, he’s going to make sure it doesn’t happen AGAIN!
me: sigh…uh well here’s a book i thought you might like to read, can i do anything for you?
julie: no…nothing you can do…i just thought i was done…

so i’m making her a quilt for her FINAL baby. which just so happens to be a boy, and they are naming him sulivan. she’s come to grips with the pregnancy, aaron has been taken care of, he even went to work the next day with frozen peas in tow. but i thought i would make a really cute and cheery quilt for the FINAL baby.