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tables, armiores, and chairs oh my!


new updated pics of the slc trip:
me being a dork…as usual…

i stole these pics from my friend rachel…she wasn’t a ninny…she remembered her camera! this is me and some of my new bloggy friends (apron girls) at Gardener’s village…

as i roamed the isles of the D.I.’s up north this weekend, i was hit with a really sad realization. there are sooo many wonderful pieces of furniture out there that just need a little bit of paint and love and they would be the next favorite piece of furniture for me….BUT, and this is a big butt…oops BUT, i don’t have room and i’m not willing to give away anything in exchange for something else. this whole fiasco of rummaging for furniture and second hand finds started when i was in high school. remember when it was cool to be just like kurt cobain in grungy clothes and holey jeans. and the whole furniture thing started in college when i was into decorating my first own little space. it was simple: didn’t have the money to waste, and i wanted to make it homey so off to goodwill i went. then those first years of marriage, the ones that you are trying so hard to be all grown up and start a budget start your nest egg and such things…finding second hand stuff was a necessity back then. who knew that after so many years and years of collecting second hand finds that when given the chance to have something brand spanking new, i would pass it up just to save my lovely free discarded by someone else coffee table instead? so yes this weekend i had to really look and say to myself “where would i put that? what would i give away to put that in it’s place?” i just couldn’t do it! it would be like replacing part of me. so i walked away a little sad at finding such great pieces of furniture, unable to say goodbye to anything i had already found. i had only a few things i’m really looking for these days. a little school desk that i can paint red for katie’s room (i’ve been coveting my friend kelly’s for quite a few years now, and no matter how hard i try to come up with a plan on how to steal…i mean relieve her from having it…i can’t make myself do it) so yes a school desk, enamelware, cute linens that can be made into something, books, and cute clothes…that was on the agenda. the boys each walked away with some new treasure that they bought with their tokens . i didn’t find any “little women” hardbound books or anything like that (sad) BUT i did find these great books that we actually had 2 out of the whole series. they have helped nate and me out a lot. instead of giving me blank looks of “what?” i just would get the book about “disobeying” and we would read it. it sort of clicked better if you know what i mean. anyways you would of laughed at me if you saw me doing the little “i’m soooo excited i found you!!” dance in the middle of the store, i actually yelped out “OH MY!!! NOOOO WAAYY!!!” it wasn’t but two nights before that i was on the phone with my husband who is playing J.I. joe right now, that i was going to get online and buy the books. so you can only imagine how elated i was when i found the WHOLE series for 50 cents a piece!
what a wonderful weekend (seeing two group of friends that mean so much to me, but sad that i wasn’t able to make more hours in the day to call the other groups of friends…next time!) my in laws took the kids to the planetarium and i was given the opportunity to read during the sunlit day, uninterrupted (stephanie meyer you are an artist with words) i’m almost done reading the host…ugh i’m a prisoner to the book, it’s killing me that i’m not finishing it right now!
as i drove into our sleepy little town, i smiled “home” i missed the slowness, the quietness, the… wow it really is a gost town after dark around here! anyways, i round the corner only to be greeted by my pesky goats, still in the pasture, safe, not run over by anything. well i guess it’s good to be home again. now i have to get a ton of things done before i head out to california to see some more friends and family!
ps i wish i had more pictures of the weekend, but i was a ninny and i forgot it everywhere i went!